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8 days ago

5 Essentials Survey

Stockton Parents, The 5 Essentials Survey will be administered throughout all Illinois schools. Parent responses will allow Stockton to benchmark responses on the survey against similar districts throughout the state and use the data as part of the district’s continuous improvement process.  The University of Chicago developed the survey based on 20 years of research on five essential areas that are known to have a significant impact on the learning conditions in a school: instruction, environment, leaders, teachers and family involvement.  Please take the time to complete this brief survey by clicking on the following link.. 5 Essentials Survey


The final Advisory Task meeting is Tuesday, December 11 at 6pm in the Elementary School gym.

A Building  Advisory Task Force has been created to work with the district and the community to assess facility needs. The task force will be meeting Nov - Dec and we invite you to come participate in the process.  Please read the below message for more details and information.

The Stockton Community School District has begun an effort to assess facility and space needs required to deliver current and future educational services. The recent Health and Life Safety survey shows substantial required work to facilities that is needed. This is a very significant investment, so to gather input, the Board has initiated a public planning process with a goal of determining the most appropriate future vision for the school district. The architecture and engineering firm, FEH DESIGN, will be facilitating public engagement for this process.

A public Advisory Task Force will be charged with reviewing the Goals for Success that have been drafted by the board members, identifying possible needs & options to study, developing criteria to evaluate potential solutions, weighting of the criteria, participating in the planning workshop/charrette, and recommending to the school board the preferred solutions to meet the needs and community vision. The Board members’ intent is to gather as much public input as possible; a primary strategy for this is to establish the Advisory Task Force made up of a cross section of area residents including residents, business representatives, related institutions and community leaders. You are one of several individuals or institutions that were identified as valuable potential members of the Advisory Task Force.   

We would be honored to have you accept our invitation to participate to help our community school district with this important process. The commitment will be completed by Dec. 17 and will involve only five evening meetings to be held at the schools. The kick-off meeting for the Advisory Task Force is scheduled for Nov. 12 at 6:00 PM at the elementary school gym. Subsequent meetings are planned for Nov. 27, Dec. 4, Dec. 5, and Dec. 11. We understand you may not be able to attend every meeting.  These meetings will be open to members of the public as well as the Advisory Task Force because board members will want to attend. Advisory recommendations will be made at the final meeting and submitted to the School Board at their Dec. 17, 6:30 PM meeting.

Thank you for your leadership and willingness to participate in planning for the future of our community school district.



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