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District News

1 day ago

5 Essentials Survey

Stockton Parents, The 5 Essentials Survey will be administered throughout all Illinois schools. Parent responses will allow Stockton to benchmark responses on the survey against similar districts throughout the state and use the data as part of the district’s continuous improvement process.  The University of Chicago developed the survey based on 20 years of research on five essential areas that are known to have a significant impact on the learning conditions in a school: instruction, environment, leaders, teachers and family involvement.  Please take the time to complete this brief survey by clicking on the following link.. 5 Essentials Survey


Daily Announcements

Building Project and Advisory Taskforce

10 days ago

Stockton School District Referendum Presentation

Click Here for Referendum Presentation

Tax Impact Calculator

We have created a tool that will allow you to see what the impact will be on your taxes for each of the proposed referendum options. You can use this tool by clicking on the following link... Tax Calculator