Google Apps Frequently Asked Questions

4 years ago

Does my Google password expire?

No, your SSD Google Apps account password does not have a timed expiration period, although we do recommend changing it periodically for security. Because the accounts are separate, changing your SSD Google Apps account password will NOT affect your SSD network password and vice versa.

What if I already have a personal Gmail account?

No problem! Creating a SSD Google Apps for Education account will not affect your existing personal Google or Gmail account. Your Google Apps account for SSD provides the benefits of using Gmail and other Google tools in an ad-free environment.

If you wish, you can forward mail between your SSD Gmail account and other email accounts you may have.

How do I reset my password?

That's easy. Simply let the Technology department know that you need a password reset. If you have access to another email you can send a request to or let a staff member know and they can make the request.

How do I change my password?

There are 2 ways to do this.

1) From any Google Apps page including Gmail click on your account Icon in the upper right corner and select "My Account". Under "Sign-in & Security" select "signing in to Google". Select Password, you may be prompted to sign in again at this point. Now just enter your new password and viola your password has been changed!

2) Contact the Technology Department and they can change it for you.