Stockton Education Foundation Says Thank You!

8 months ago

The Stockton Education Foundation raised $21,000 in four hours during this year’s Radio-a-thon event. During this year’s event, Stockton students from all grade levels performed, and student organizations as well as community organizations were interviewed. The Alumni breakfast was also held in conjunction and a good time was had by everyone who attended.

On behalf of the Foundation, teachers and students, we would like to thank all of our donors for making the 2017 Radio-a-thon a record breaking year. Thank you to all of the volunteers who donated their time to make this year’s radio-a-thon a success.

Donations can still be sent directly to Stockton Education Foundation, 540 N Rush street, Stockton, Illinois 61085.

To enhance and enrich the educational opportunities of the students, staff, and all members of Stockton Community Unit School District #206.
To provide funds for improving instruction and provide regular student learning experiences beyond regular programs.
The Stockton Education Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation was established in 2007-2008 to enrich and supplement the educational opportunities offered to students of the Stockton School District. The Foundation supports enrichment programs and services not funded with tax dollars. Supplemental programs and learning experiences are essential to ensure that our students continue to succeed in a technologically complex and culturally diverse society.
Since its inception, the Foundation has granted over $60,000 to the teachers of Stockton for use in their classrooms. Funds have been granted for a variety of purposes in the Elementary, Middle, and High Schools from LCD projectors, computers, and software to lab supplies in both science and agriculture curriculums to classroom aids in the music and art programs. The Foundation's website includes a complete listing of grant awards through calendar year 2010.
The Stockton Education Foundation is registered with the Internal Revenue Service and has its own 501(c)3 to receive gifts, contributions, and memorials to disburse funds to enhance academic programs in the Stockton Public Schools. Funds are managed by an independent group of community members who form the Foundation's Board of Directors. All contributions are tax deductible.
The Foundation's chief fundraising event is its annual Radio-a-thon held every fall in conjunction with Homecoming Weekend. In addition, the Foundation accepts numerous gifts given in memorium of family members as well as direct donations. All funds that are raised are returned to the students of the Stockton School District in the form of grants awarded to teachers. Donations can be sent to any Foundation Board Member or directly to Stockton Education Foundation, 236 North Pearl Street, Stockton, Illinois 61085.
Grant Applications:
Faculty members are encouraged to submit grant requests, which are available in each building. Grant requests are reviewed periodically throughout the year at scheduled Foundation meetings. Required grant applications are required that explain the overall impact of the request on the academic program for Stockton School District students.
Grant applications can be found Here.
  Education is the foundation of our democracy and our community.  We are very proud of the Stockton Schools' past, and we eagerly anticipate Stockton CUSD #206's future.  Our foundation's goal is to fund programs that will allow our students to be the best prepared students anywhere.  Funds raised will enhance and add to what the school district already provides.  The best investment that any of us can make is in our children.  After all, our children are our future.
  --Dr. David D Gilliland

Board of Directors

President - Pattie Krippendorf Vice President - Anne Breed Secretary - Millie Graves Treasurer - Patty Arand Mike Mammoser Mary Stayner Leslie Hawley Brad Fox Dave Gilliland Colleen Fox Jeff Werner

Foundation Grants Awarded 2008-2017

Grants are listed in order of award beginning in 2008

*Agriculture classroom-incubator-$1,047

*Agriculture classroom-10” tilting table saw-$1,075

*Science classroom-digital microscope-$1,276

*15 ceiling-mounted LCD projectors for classrooms in all three buildings-$16,000

*Special education classroom-audio listening lab-$1,000

*Music classroom-mini computer lab-$2,480

*Elementary School Literacy Center-mini computer lab-$1,605

*English classroom-ELMO digital camera-$700

*Middle School-digital camera-$600

*Middle School-mini computer lab-$1,605

*Middle School special education classroom-speakers-$100

*Middle School special education desktop computer-$700

*Science laboratory supplies-$1,200

*Special Education computer equipment-$100

*Art Department display boards-$618

*High School ACT Cambridge Prep materials-$3,500

*Elementary School laminator-$1,629

*Music Department piano truck-$952

*Music Department carriage for chimes-$1,000

*Elementary School LCD projectors 3rd grade classrooms-$2,676

*Elementary School 4th grade LCD projector-$1,338

*Elementary School special education mini computer lab-$1,442

*Middle School two ELMO Projectors-$1,539

*Middle School 5th grade LCD projector-$1,338

*Middle School 5/6 mini computer lab-$1,640

*Middle School 7/8 mini computer lab-$1,640

*Accelerated Reader Software grades K-12-$3,000

*ELMO Projector for 5th grade classroom-$760

*ELMO Projectors for Middle School special education classroom, High School consumer education/social studies classroom, two Middle School general education classrooms-$2,340

*Middle School Special Education Room – overhead LCD projector and ELMO overhead unit - $2,142

*High School Adobe Design Software - $366

*Calculus and pre-calculus textbooks High School - $1,164

*4 grade math textbooks - $3,006

*LCD projector ceiling mounted High School Spanish room - $1,558

*ELMO projector High School health and reading room - $585

*5 laptop computers High School library - $2,700

*7th grade health textbooks - $2,148

*Risers for music department - $877

*Scholastic magazines for social studies, health, math, and science classes - $797

*Computers in ag room - $1529

*Driver’s ed traffic board - $655

*Orff instruments for Elementary Music Program - $1,744

*18 Nooks (electronic readers) for High School - $8,850

*Polyvision boards, projectors, IPADS for High School Math and 4th and 5th grade classrooms - $7,860

*Tone for High School computer lab - $709

*3rd grade science textbooks - $3,211

*Computer bank in 5th grade classrooms - $1,478

*6 Nooks for High School English classes - $2,100

*High School College Algebra and Trigonometry Textbooks-$1,951

*Middle School leveled non-fiction books - $900

*Elementary School portable computer lab (15 laptops) - $5,500

*4th grade Smartboard - $1,900

*1st grade Smartboard - $1,900

*1st grade Smartboard - $1,900

Kindergarten Smartboard - $1,900

4 Elementary School Smartboards - $7,600

Middle School Social Studies DVD’s - $255

Elementary School Special Ed Sensory supplemental aids - $983

Baritone Sax - $1,000

Elementary School Laptops - $6,500

Elementary School Physical Education Sound System - $350

High School Nooks Electronic Readers - $11,005

Elementary School 3 Smartboards - $6,299

Elementary School – 12 I pads - $5,300

Elementary School – 2 laptops - $780

Elementary, Middle, High Schools – 70 laptops - $31,000

Middle School, High School – Academic vocabulary sign boards - $1,700

Elementary School and High School – 5 ELMO visual projectors - $3,100

Elementary School – 3rd and 4th grade math textbooks –$ 2,700

Middle School -25 Chromebooks - $14,676

Elementary and Middle School – Character building material - $738

High School: Special Education Supporting Material - $1,304

Elementary School – 12 Chromebooks for 4th grade - $3,200

Music Department – contribution to sousaphone - $1,000

High School – physical education supplies - $540

Middle School – chromebooks - $10,500

Elementary School physical education - $468

All schools – robotic software and program - $5,168


April 11, 2017